AMD Delivers Mobile Drivers At Last

Advanced Micro Devices, a long time rival of Intel, has released some much-needed driver software for their processors. AMD had some serious backlash from their mobile users. Normally, the company has incredibly loyal customers some would describe as a cult-like following. AMD has some incredibly competitive performance with its desktop processors and supports these heavily with updates and performance boosting drivers pretty frequently. However, when it came to their mobile processors with vega graphics they left the driver support up to the manufacturers to handle. Not only was this unusual, but it was also ineffective.  The mobile users were outraged that they had backed AMD and felt they were left in the dark. This not only is a big issue for Advanced Micro Devices public relations but they are in an intense battle for the market share right now. 

Luckily there was enough of a commotion being created in the AMD Reddit group, r/AMD, and the company finally responded late last year. They had said they would push to have two driver updates per year. This was met with some additional backlash, many users thought this was just a way to get the angry threads to stop generating. Finally, February 25th we got an announcement about a new adrenaline driver software. This has promised about up to 20% performance boosts in some games. Hopefully, these software upgrades keep rolling out successfully. So far it seems that this driver has increased performance and we look forward to seeing additional improvements. 


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